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Speaker Programme 23/24 Seminar 1

Dungarvan Enterprise Centre is pleased to launch a series of seminars aimed at Business and Local Communities

Seminar 1

World Class Business: Moving from Lean to Digitisation’

Thursday October 19th, 6.30 pm – 7.30 pm

This is a free Webinar event – the Webinar link will be available closer to the event.

Speaker – Prof Peter Hines, Visiting Professor at SETU Business School and Chairman of SA Partners.


Professor Peter Hines was the Co-Founder of the Lean Enterprise Research Centre at Cardiff Business School. LERC grew to be the largest academic research centre in Lean globally. He has undertaken extensive research into Lean and written or co-written twelve books including Shingo Prize winning books “Staying Lean”, “Creating a Lean & Green Business System” and “The Essence of Excellence”. His latest book “Why Bother” was published in 2022 and received Shingo Publication Award in May 2023. Peter now runs the Enterprise Excellence Network providing European-based forms with on-site benchmarking, learning and networking opportunities. He also teaches a short course on Leading Intelligent Lean on Lean and digitisation in VR. He also continues his academic links with work in the Lean/Industry 4.0 and Lean/People spaces and is a Visiting Professor at South East Technological University and Faculty Fellow with The Shingo Institute at Utah State University.

Topics Covered

This session will review the latest thinking on leading edge manufacturing where there is a trend towards the digitalisation of Lean. It will explore:

    • What are the latest global manufacturing trends (based on a survey of the top 300 academics and 1000+ industrialists)?
    • What does the leading edge look like (based on case research at Schneider in France and Faurecia in Spain)?
    • Where does Ireland stand?
    • What does this mean for industry?
    • What should you do about it?

This will be a fascinating talk which will leave attendees with a lot to think about.