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Demonstration of Mixed Reality Technology

On 21st June 2023, Walton Institute hosted a mixed reality lab offering an all-in-one space for exploring the use of interactive technologies and tools at Dungarvan Enterprise Centre. The workshop was informal allowing attendees to freely chat with technical experts in this space, try various mixed reality equipment, and experience its broad potential firsthand.

This enabled companies to not only become familiar with the technology but also, with the aid of Walton Institute’s team of mixed reality experts, to investigate how these technologies and concepts may be used to benefit their business and research use cases.

Speaking about the benefits of this workshop, Prof Bill O’Gorman, Chairperson, of Dungarvan Enterprise Centre, said “Most people think of Virtual Reality (VR) or Mixed Reality (MR) devices as merely toys for young people, special effects for science fiction movies or something that is imaginary and not relevant to businesses.  However, the fact is that mixed realities are actual and, when used in the right way, can bring enormous benefits to businesses. They are applicable in finance, retail, healthcare, tourism, hospitality, manufacturing, utilities, education, and so on. So don’t block your organisation’s future by ignoring the present. ”

This free, pop-in event was well received.

To find out more: https://waltoninstitute.ie/news-and-events/news/free-mixed-reality-workshop-waterford