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Mercyhurst Returns

Guess who’s back here at Dungarvan Enterprise Centre?

Our long-term associates, Mercyhurst University have returned for Spring Term. Seeing the students take in Dungarvan’s sights makes us appreciate spring & the beautiful area that we live in.

Dungarvan Enterprise Centre’s relationship between Mercyhurst University goes way back……

Mercyhurst University were among our first clients when we opened our doors over a decade ago, in fact at one point occupying the entire second floor! Apart from when the pandemic put a hold on international travel, Mercyhurst have brought hundreds of students, tutors, as well as their families and friends to Dungarvan, to live, travel, and learn.

The town of Dungarvan has welcomed each new cohort of students since the beginning of the program, even giving them the opportunity to walk in the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

An extract from the Mercyhurst website:

“Mercyhurst’s Office of Global Programs offers a range of options for students interested in studying abroad, including semester-long and summer programs, a full term in Dungarvan, Ireland (Erie’s sister city), and many opportunities for faculty-led, course-related travel to locations across the globe. Mercyhurst also partners with internationally recognized affiliate programs for independent study abroad opportunities.

Dungarvan, Ireland

A unique and cherished study abroad program, Mercyhurst in Ireland allows a limited number of students to travel alongside multiple Mercyhurst professors to the small coastal town of Dungarvan, Ireland, to live and study for a period of eight weeks each Spring Semester. Over the past 30 years, Mercyhurst has established a strong connection with Dungarvan, a thriving seaside harbor town in County Waterford. Our presence in Dungarvan and relationships with local leaders have helped foster one of the most immersive and engaging study abroad opportunities in the region. 

While living and studying in Dungarvan, students are also given the opportunity on weekends to travel in small groups to other parts of Ireland and other European countries. These excursions encourage independence, as they’re given the freedom to arrange their own plans and itinerary for traveling, with the approval of the professors. During spring break, the entire group of students also travels to a different country with their professors. These mini excursions serve as a way for students to learn and broaden their horizons by experiencing different cultures and practicing independence.”

To find out more about Mercyhurst, visit https://www.mercyhurst.edu/about