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In 2015 Dungarvan Enterprise Centre opened its hotdesking and co-working space – now called the Coworking Hub. This is a modern, creative and flexible workspace where individuals can plug in and work when they need a desk in Dungarvan. The Coworking Hub has a custom-built, spacious desk space to fit a laptop, PC and files. Featuring high speed broadband, the coworking spaces are available for hire on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis to anyone who needs a desk space on a flexible basis.

Benefits of Coworking

Coworking is a growing phenomenon and suitable for a range of people across a broad spectrum of sectors, including:

  • Those who commute to work – the space offers an alternative and affordable space to work from home.
  • People working from home – a great way of separating work from home and perfect for those who might be otherwise isolated at home. It will enable people to work away from home whilst being close to home in a buzzing coworking atmosphere.
  • If holidaying in Dungarvan or its surrounding areas, the coworking hub is the perfect place to log in and work in a peaceful and professional environment.

Second New Coworking Hub

Prompted by a marked increase in demand for hot desks coupled with more online training, the Dungarvan Enterprise Centre made a decision in 2021 to convert one of its training rooms into a second brand new coworking hub for remote workers. This bright and spacious area opened in February 2022 and provides designated desk space and accommodates up to a further 12 remote workers.